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MRI-BP'2013: Keynote Speech

By Thomas Erl


Thomas Erl is a best-selling IT author and founder of™ and®. Thomas has been the world's top-selling service technology author for over five years and is the series editor of the Prentice Hall Service Technology Series from Thomas Erl, as well as the editor of the Service Technology Magazine. With over 175,000 copies in print world-wide, his eight published books have become international bestsellers and have been formally endorsed by senior members of major IT organizations, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Accenture, IEEE, HL7, MITRE, SAP, CISCO, HP, and others.

Four of his books, Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture, SOA Design Patterns, SOA Principles of Service Design, and SOA Governance, were authored in collaboration with the IT community and have contributed to the definition of cloud computing technology mechanisms, the service-oriented architectural model and service-orientation as a distinct paradigm. Thomas is currently working with over 20 authors on several new books dedicated to specialized topic areas such as cloud computing, Big Data, modern service technologies, and service-orientation.

As CEO of Arcitura Education Inc. and in cooperation with™ and®, Thomas has led the development of curricula for the internationally recognized SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) and Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) accreditation programs, which have established a series of formal, vendor-neutral industry certifications.

Thomas is the founding member of the SOA Manifesto Working Group and author of the Annotated SOA Manifesto. He is a member of the Cloud Education & Credential Committee, SOA Education Committee, and he further oversees the and initiatives, which are dedicated to the on-going development of master pattern catalogs for service-oriented computing and cloud computing.

Thomas has toured over 20 countries as a speaker and instructor for public and private events, and regularly participates in international conferences, including SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium and Gartner events. Over 100 articles and interviews by Thomas have been published in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal and CIO Magazine.


Understanding Intrinsic Interoperability

The consequences of building silo-based and single-purpose applications have been well documented. As IT enterprises accumulate an ever-growing collection of disparate systems, the need to resort to fragile integration architectures results in convoluted environments that become increasingly burdensome and risky to evolve. Service-oriented architecture provides a direct alternative to this approach by establishing a method for the design of systems that are inherently compatible with each other. This leads to an opportunity to create a genuine level of interoperability that is intrinsic to each software program we build as a service. This method has been established and proven for years and has successfully realized concrete and measurable levels of intrinsic interoperability. In this session, the world's top-selling SOA author will provide a tour of the steps and requirements for realizing intrinsic interoperability within solution design and implementation. The session concludes by highlighting the significance of governance controls required to continually preserve interoperability throughout the evolution of services and their underlying architectures in response to on-going business change.